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Foto Assoc. Prof., Dr. h.c. Stanislav SZABO, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M.
Dean of Faculty of Aeronautics
Technical University of Kosice

Prof. Stanislav Szabo graduated at SNP Military Aviation University in Kosice, in Aviation Engineering and Commanding study branch (1993). During the years 1998-2002 he earned his doctoral degree at the General M.R. Stefanik Military Aviation Academy in Kosice, in the study branch Operational and Combat Utilization of Anti-Aircraft Equipment. Two years later, he earned associate professor degree in the same study branch. To date, he is the Dean of Faculty of Aeronautics, Technical University of Kosice.
He is a former Section Director General - National Director of Armanent - Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic. He worked as project manager in the two biggest projects dealing with modernization of Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic - namely with procurement of new transport aircraft and mobile communication system.
During his military career, assoc. prof. Szabo was promoted by Slovak Defence Minister two times, namely to second lieutenant and later to captain. He was awarded by Rector Medal of the General M.R. Stefanik Military Aviation Academy in Kosice for development and construction of the Academy and by I. Degree Medal issued by Slovak Defence Minister for development in the area of weaponry, technology and materials qualifications from the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic.
Assoc. prof. Szabo was appointed as representative of the Slovak Republic in the NATO body for armament - Conference of National Armaments Directors in Brussels. He also worked as the Slovak Republic representative for European Defence Agency in Brussels.
In 1997, within the executed department grant projects and scientific work, assoc. prof. Szabo was the leader of authors of the study Technical Marketing of Helicopter with Coaxial Arrangement of Rotors. He was member of research teams dealing with conceptual documentation for Slovak Army, project council chair for the development of mobile communication system for the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, member of several department research teams, including the research project cooperated with Security Academy in Kyjev and research team member in projects supported by Agency of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for structural EU funds.
He was member of three habilitation commissions, both in Slovakia and abroad. He was the chair or member of more than 30 commissions for defence of dissertations on five universities in Slovakia and abroad.
To date, assoc. prof. Szabo is the author or co-author of more than 380 scientific papers, monographies and university textbooks. More than 30 of them are indexed in Web of Science and Scopus, together with almost 140 citations. His current h-index in Scopus is seven.

Foto Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ing. Daniel HANUS, EUR ING, AFAIAA
Department of Air Transport
Faculty of Trasportation Sciences
Czech Technical University in Prague
Czech Republic

Prof. Daniel Hanus is a renowned aeronautical professional, researcher and educator. He has graduated in 1967 at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the field of internal combustion engines and means of transportation. He started his professional career as a research fellow at the Department of Automotive Engineering and soon later he changed to the newly established Department of Aeronautical Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and he was involved in education and research in the fields of power engineering, internal aero and thermodynamics of turbo machines, aero engines and aircraft propulsion systems. He passed there his Ph.D. studies focused on internal aerodynamics and thermodynamics of centrifugal compressors and in 1981 he was awarded the doctorate in the field of Power Engineering. From 1981 till 1985 he worked in the Walter - Motorlet Company in Prague as a researcher. He has contributed significantly to the development of two and three shaft turboprop engines Walter M601 and Walter M602. After return to the CTU in Prague he continued teaching in the engineering degree program of Aeronautical Engineering and in the collaboration with Czech industry on a number of redesigns and innovations of turbine engines and aircraft propulsion systems. In 1990 he has been tasked with chairmanship of the branch of Aero-engines at the Department of Aerospace Engineering and at the same time he was elected as President of the Czech Aerospace Society. In 1991 he was delegated by President of the French Region Midi Pyrenees its official representative to the Czechoslovakia and later till 1995 to the Czech Republic. In 1992 and 1993 he was invited by the French Engineering School of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Toulouse, ENSAE, as Invited Professor. In 1996 he was awarded the European professional engineering title EUR ING by European Federation of National Engineering Associations FEANI, based in Brussels. In 2003 he was habilitated at the CTU in Prague, in the field of the Process and Design Engineering. Since 2005 till 2015 he has held a position of a Chair of Department of Air Transport at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prague.
During his professional career he participated in a number of professional stays with invited lectures and participation at various international conferences abroad, in Norway, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, USA and Canada. He represents CTU in Prague in the Board of the European Union Aerospace Universities Network of Excellence PEGASUS, he was elected as President of the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies, as President of the Czech Society of Mechanical Engineers, as a member of the Executive Board and Czech National Representative in the International Society of Air Breathing Engines. He was also elected as a member of Executive board of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations as well as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Council of European Aerospace Societies, both bodies based in Brussels. His expertise and life-long professional services were acknowledged by the highest awards of a number of professional bodies: the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies, Christian Josef Willenberg Medal, the Czech Society of Mechanical Engineers, Leonardo da Vinci Medal, the Slovak Association of Scientific and Technical Societies, Medal and finally the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of the CTU in Prague, F. J. Gerstner Medal.