The NTCA 2022 conference is the 23rd of the conference series, now organized in Prague by the Department of Air Transport, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague. The mission of NTCA conferences is to provide platform for interactions among communities of interest on aviation problems and applications. They serve both practitioners and academics, providing a forum to exchange ideas and experiences on technology, methodology, applications, case studies and practical experiences with both civil and military aviation.

NTCA was originally dedicated to the region of Central Europe, especially Czech Republic and Slovakia, but it is progressively raising interest of other countries world-wide.

This conference brings together members of our communities to broaden their knowledge in emerging areas of research at the field of civil and military aviation. NTCA 2022 topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Air transport operations
  • Air trafic management and economic aspects
  • Aviation safety and security
  • Aircraft technologies and advances materials
  • Unmanned aerial systems
  • Human factors and ergonomy
  • Information and communication technologies
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