Submission process consists of several following steps according to the diagram. Detailed description of each step is described below:

  • First you need to register for the conference system here.
  • Next, you need to upload a full-paper prepared according to Author’s guideline in one of the provided templates. Due to the double-blind review, the article must not contain any information leading to the authors of the article, especially:
    • the names of the authors
    • affiliations
    • the acknowledgment
  • Deadline for full paper submission is December 20, 2023 January 31, 2024 .

Paper undergoes double-blind review. Each article will be reviewed by two reviewers nominated by the technical program committee.

You will receive a notification of acceptance no later than March 12, 2024. In case of acceptance of the article, it is necessary to incorporate reviewers’ comments and prepare camera-ready paper.

Note, in this stage we will remind you to fill Authors Consent, which should be submitted to conference submission system along with yours camera ready paper.

Authors ‘Consent to Publish & Transfer of Copyright for Contributors to Proceedings’ needs to be uploaded together with camera-ready submission.

The authors consent form could be found here.

Make sure the final paper is compliant with the Author’s guideline and contains the following information: authors names, affiliations and acknowledgment (if applicable).

Now it is necessary to check the compatibility of Camery ready paper with IEEE Xplore. For this purpose it is necessary to check the article via PDF eXpress:

  • Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress
    • First-time users should do the following:
      1. Select the Create account and register
      2. Enter the 60572X as Conference ID
      3. Enter the e-mail address and password
      4. An online confirmation will be displayed and an e-mail confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
      5. Verify your account via link provided in the e-mail confirmation.
      6. Continue to enter information as prompted.
    • Previous users of PDF eXpress  should enter the same e-mail/password combination that was used for previous conferences. Use 60572X as the Conference ID.  Verify that your contact information is valid.

The PDF eXpress site will be open from March 15, 2024.

The IEEE PDF eXpress site opens on March 15, 2024.

  • Go to the ‘Dashboard’ and select ‘Create new Title’.
  • Enter paper title.
  • Upload PDF file with final paper, get email confirmation of file receipt.
  • Submitted PDFs are Checked for IEEE Xplore®-compatibility; source file(s) are Converted to IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs.
  • If a PDF is submitted: you will receive an email stating that PDF Passed or Failed the Check.
  • If the PDF fails, a PDF Check report is attached to the email. Author goes to account and clicks “Understanding the PDF Check Report” for solutions.
  • If necessary, revisions may be submitted.
    • Make sure that there are no grammatical, spelling,
      or content errors in articles prior to submitting to PDF eXpress.
  • When you have an acceptable IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF, submit this final PDF to the conference by clicking Approve button.
  • For each conference paper, click ‘Create New Title’.

Further information are available in the IEEE PDF eXpress system.

Note that Xplore-compatible PDFs (camery-ready papers) need to be sumbitted into conference system until March 24, 2024.

Download the checked PDF eXpress file (do not change the filename) and upload the file to the conference submission system as a part of ZIP file which should contain:

  1. checked PDF eXpress PDF (camera-ready paper),
  2. authors consent,
  3. source file (MS Word file, LaTeX ZIP file),
  4. author’s responses to reviewers comments should be included as separated file in the case that minor/major changes were required. 

Deadline for camera-ready submission is March 24, 2024.